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RB Dylan Edwards [Notre Dame Commit]

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  • Mavric changed the title to RB Dylan Edwards [Notre Dame Commit]

Well if you didn't already know its raining sure feels like its pouring now. If he would have went to KSU no big deal in the sense they aren't a power house program. He would have been a program changer but the team as a whole probably a couple more wins. With him going to Notre Dame the rich get richer. National Program with aspirations to win a championship. Not saying KSU doesn't have those same goals but Notre Dame you would say is more talented to get there and he helps just by joining the team.

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30 minutes ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

It's brutal for me down here in South Louisiana. LSU landed another 5-star WR today. People don't really understand why I get so frustrated with our recruiting but it's mainly because I live in the heart of SEC country and see the type of talent we need to be competing for championships. 3-stars aren't gonna cut it.

Yeah your right. But for kids that don't really see Nebraska as a national power, Nebraska as to start winning in order to be even a thought. Rn Nebraska isn't a thought but things will change for the better this year and beyond when they start winning!!!!!!

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