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Herbie Logo Changed


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23 hours ago, JJ Husker said:

Does anybody really care one way or the other? I can’t imagine a dumber thing to get worked about, doesn’t matter if they kept it the way it was or changed it. I honestly thought they had quit using the Herbie logo years ago. Oh well, carry on.

I liked the old look but I don’t mind the new look either. 

To be honest I wish he was holding up the shocker sign haha

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17 hours ago, UniversalMartin said:

Honestly, I think the marketing department announcing this is best...kids these days want to go (play/work) for places that are pro-active in regards to things like this as opposed to silence 

Really?  Haven’t ever seen a recruit or transfer state this as a reason to attend. We will probably have a top five class next year. 

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Alternately, extending the index finger like the #1 sign can be interpreted to mean  "up your arse" or similar meaning to flying the bird.  Heard this from a friend who tried to order "ein bier bitte" in Germany, signaling with his index finger.  Got cussed out by the barmaid.  (as an aside, one is the thumb, two is thumb and index finger, etc, I'm told) 


So only a matter of time before this new logo gets cancelled too.

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