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Herbie Logo Changed

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I could care less about the change, but the question is where will it end?

Are we now going to get rid of The N?

Do the know The N is being used by the Mexican gang called the Nortenos?

The Nortenos are for Northern California.

I will also tell you, the Nortenos are also in Nebraska.

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My favorite name change has to be when the Washington Bullets had to change their name to the Wizards.  They said it was because of the association with violent overtones amidst rising crime.  

So, they changed it to the Wizards.  Ha ha.  For me, you couldn't have a more racist [but I'm just a stupid white guy who has been woke yet].

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Stupid. Idk when we started listened to the weak and worrying so much about hurting feelings.  I guess you can say that it is pretty racist to assume the a white guy giving the "ok" symbol Is racist because he is a white guy giving the ok symbol. 


I do wonder  if Herbie was black and doing the same thing if people would have a problem with it. 


Also I see a lot of youngins in pictures making hand gestures with their fingers, some if them are black kids am I to assume that that is a gang sign or a black power symbol?


I guess if you are weak enough to be offended by the ok symbol there is not much help for you but God I hope there is some relief from all this wimpy culture. 

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3 minutes ago, ZRod said:

Pretty sure most of you didn't know what hand gesture he held up to begin with. Just looking for something new to b!^@h about.


People are looking to b!^@h about it from all sides.  The people saying that Herbie is using a racist hand gesture, when 99% of people know that as the "okay" hand gesture, and don't think about white supremecists/internet trolls mean by the gesture.  Then the people are getting offended by the University changing the logo, and saying people are "too soft" or "too weak" now.  It's all pretty dumb in my opinion.

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