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Spring Practice Notes

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4 hours ago, BaytownHusker said:

NIckel only s 2 D-Lineman? I thought Nickel was a 4-2-5 type of formation.


That's probably the most common form, but there's also 3-3-5 nickel defenses, and yes, even 2-4-5.

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I've not had a lot of time (and to be honest interest) in Spring football this year.  


Browsing this thread, it seems we've had a bad spring, no players, coaching changes and misses on the portal.


Compared to prior years where "this unit or that unit has made great strides' and "probably the best Spring training we've seen in years" and "some young guys are ready to make meaningful contributions".....perhaps with all the negativity, this will be our year?????


Heh heh.  See you on Saturday.  GO BIG RED!!!!!!!

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5 hours ago, Mavric said:

I guess I'd like to believe it's not actually an ACL - as was reported - unless he's being extremely vague.  Perhaps something less-severe that they're hoping he'll be back by fall???



2nd time, same knee,  caution!!

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Just an observation. This is probably to be expected but seems to be more pronounced this year. Coaches and players seem to be saying similar things as in years past but the “insiders” dropping info from practices they’ve seen seem to be predominately negative. 


Usually the Kool-Aid has begun to at least trickle for me by this point in time but it isn’t. I’m not going to believe a single thing has improved until I see it in actual games in the fall. I couldn’t care less about the spring game this weekend. It’s like part of me has died.

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