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Spring Practice Notes

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2 hours ago, 84HuskerLaw said:

Considering the extra efforts taken by the coaches to minimize risk of injuries, we seeM to get some bad knee injuries during off season drills etc.  more than those during the season / games etc.  Is it the drills, lifting, lack of proper, supervised stretching etc?   Are they pushing too much weigh gain too fast?   I know injuries happen but geesh - we get them when one would least expect. Dang.  It’s too bad.  He could be a med hardship deal if it is a bad one to same knee.  


It is really hard to tell. Stretching has changed so much since I was playing, it used to be that we stretched then warmed up. All the studies now show that static stretching doesn't do much, and that actually, if you do it before getting your muscles warm, it can actually be harmful. When it comes to pushing too much weight too fast, all of these guys have degrees and years of experience in that field. I like to think that they are not pushing a program that causes injuries. 


It seems like this has been a problem since before Frost was here. It cold be something as crazy as the way the turf on the practice field is. Studies are showing that more ligament injuries happen on turf then natural grass

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1 minute ago, RichardHangslow said:

Well I think the injuries that happen to Nebraska, at least it feels this way to me, are always to our major contributors.... It isn't like the 8th string guys are getting nicked up it is one of our best recruits. Sucks big time as he would have been a major weapon in Whipple's Offense. 

Injuries to guys way down the depth chart don't make the news.  Every team deals with major injuries and most fan bases feel like they have more injuries than other teams.  It's a tough sport...  

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7 hours ago, theknife said:

It feels that way, but do you have numbers to back that up? 

I know all programs have injuries but the amount of starters we have miss games seems very high. I think we had 6 starters not play vs Iowa to end the year? Started 4 diff QBs in the Frost era - had Bunch who was completely awful lose to Troy. I follow the B10 pretty well and doesn't seem the same but who knows. We also have 4 starters out this winter/spring. Always seems like something. 


Deontai Williams 

Will Honas

Collin Miller

JD Spielman

JoJo Domann

Adrian Martinez

Thomas Fidone 

Gabe Ervin 

Markese Stepp 

Teddy Prochazka 

Wandale Robinson 

Rahmir Johnson 

Dedrick Mills 

Myles Farmer 

Oliver Martin 

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