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PGA Tour 2022


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2 hours ago, suh_fan93 said:
Per an article I read yesterday apparently he's only been golfing for 4 years.  Pretty cool.

I have a friend who played in this and is a phenomenal golfer.  He's been golfing all his life and is the most dedicated guy I know to the sport and is a practice freak.  He even bought a house in Phoenix just so he can go there in the winter to golf to practice.  He shot +7.  If Danny has only been golfing for 4 years, that's is incredible.

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I wonder where they got this idea?



Starting next year, the PGA Tour schedule will include eight limited-field no-cut events, with purses of $20 million or more each, for the top 50 finishers in the prior season’s FedEx Cup standings. Some of those events will be in the heart of the season, while others will be in the fall. Those outside the top 50 will compete in an alternate series of tournaments, where they will fight to keep their cards and earn better status for the following season. This change in structure would happen in conjunction with the tour returning to a season based on the calendar year, something Golf Digest has reported was being considered. The tour switched from a calendar-based schedule to a wraparound campaign in 2013-14.



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