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***The Nebraska Defense - Blackshirts 2022***


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Just now, teachercd said:



If they only give out 9...there better only be 9 players out there on defense for the first play.




There will be 12 as soon as Hill and Mathis get some games in and a Nickel separates. I'm ok with 12-14, it's a different game and having guys with starter-like snap counts is fine with me. It's still weirdly arbitrary to me to withhold from guys who haven't played here yet -  either they can earn it in practice (Feist, Buford) or they can't. You can't tell me they saw enough out of those two in their limited game reps to justify it, those were earned on the practice field. So I don't know why Hill and especially Mathis can't have them now. But it's just a dumb thing for us fans to argue about, more concerned with how they play.

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1 hour ago, ColoradoHusk said:

So does the annual tradition of fans overanalyzing and discussion over a practice jersey.

Yeah I dont disagree with that either.  I was more referencing that the goal posts seems to change on this every single year from whatever coaching staff is in place.  Frankly, I could give 2 s#!ts about a warped tradition for a team that hasnt gone above .500 in a few years

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1 hour ago, Huskerfollower4life said:

Absolutely. I believe Ochaun and Hill have earned it and they don't need a game to prove to me or anyone else for that matter what a blackshirt represent's!!!

By the original definition of this whole thing, if they start this saturday than they should get one.  I thought this whole thing was to just reward 1st stringers?  I guess now they need to earn it on the field?  feels like a boy scout troop we have here

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I am probably in the minority, but I am ok with the blackshirts that were handed out going into game 1.  Somebody might lose one, sombodies might get theirs after the game.  


But also, it would have been nice that 11 were handed out for this week's final practice (or the week before).  


Either way it's all good.  Too many changes over the last 20 years to worry about it now.

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