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***The 2022 Offensive Line***

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11 hours ago, AlaSker said:

I take my earlier statement back slightly- it was piper at LG. Still think the effort was there, maybe a bad assignment, maybe a great read.

I'm not knocking the effort at all.  The play was well blocked....other than the OLB running free and he was the closest to the play.  It's possible he didn't see him.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I don't remember the last time our offensive line basically took over a game to close it out.   The performance was far from perfect but a lot of fun to watch.  It was great seeing a lot of new faces.


Big step in the right direction.  That backup RT needs more snaps.

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3 minutes ago, The Dude said:


He was your LT when #69 was ejected.




Banks was converted from being a defensive lineman and has a great build for tackle but could also probably play guard.


I'm surprised they haven't tried him at right tackle just to see what happens, honestly.



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2 minutes ago, Undone said:


That's amazing, I didn't know that.





Brought on as guest analyst for Bleacher Report’s draft coverage, host Adam Lefko read the pick to the 11-year veteran.

Revealed Lefko: “It’s on the screen… It’s Cam Jurgens… Oh, that’s the difference – it’s a center…”

Kells was not phased out.

“Yes,” he said. “As soon as this man was available, I knew we were taking him.”


Then came the seal of approval from an all-time franchise, which should make fans feel good about the future of the situation.

“This is my favorite player in the draft,” Kelce said. “I’m not saying just because we chose him. The Eagles are using me to evaluate a few centers and evaluate all the people I’ve seen, like for the last 2-3 years, all The guy who compares himself the most is this guy.

“He’s so athletic, so fast. You see him out in space, he runs. He’s a natural athlete. You see the fluidity. He played the tight end, transitioned a position. He’s only been aggressive for two years. playing the line… This man is a freak athletically. He has the best chance of becoming the difference-maker in the center position. I love this baby. I really am.”



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1 hour ago, bugeater17 said:

The current oline is horrendous and weakest link on this team. 

Yeah, they shuffled personnel quite a bit again.  Which means, OL coach is trying other players and combos, which I appreciate.  

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