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Nebrasketball Game #30- @ Ohio State: Tuesday, March 1 6:00pm BTN

What will the game result be?  

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  1. 1. What will the game result be?

    • Nebraska single digit win
    • Nebraska double digit win
    • Ohio State single digit win
    • Ohio State double digit win

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9 minutes ago, ActualCornHusker said:

Man, Andre's +/- has to be just awful. He's done a couple good things tonight but most games he's just unplayable imho

So long as he keeps himself with at least a foot in the paint, he can be pretty decent. Chasing players around the perimeter or straying too far away from the basket and he's less useful. Staying in the paint to grab rebounds and deter layup opportunities and his value goes way up. Really hoping Fred and staff can work with him on that this offseason if he's coming back.

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These refs are incredibly frustrating and inconsistent. Seem to allow the rough and tumble, but then call a ticky-tack situation where most would probably play on. Seems to be a lot in favor of Ohio State. Glad to see the team figuring it out playing small ball with the foul trouble on our bigs. 


Seems like Trev's boost in confidence last week has allowed the team and players to play loose and much better the past week.

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