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I would describe Mickey in one word.  Accountable.  To the team, to the coach, to the staff, to each other.  I am unsure how many players and positions have been held accountable in the past.  I am sure that there is a sense of urgency by the staff not seen in previous years for obvious reasons.  With Mickey, one is either all in or all out.  That might be a factor in Betts and possibly others re-examining their commitment moving forward.  Nothing wrong with that.  I hope that he figures it out.  Academics, practice, conditioning etc.... It's a full time job as a student athlete.

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Heres where the adults need to let him know that football can beva great way to get in life where he wants for only a few years. He gets a degree and NIL can get him jump started to his future. With NIL, youre dumb if you dont use it to your future advantage.

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11 minutes ago, presidentjlh said:

I get that this may be out of Frost's control here, but, ffs, this keeps happening

People need to stop acting like this doesn't happen on just about every other team in the country.  If you have a team of 100+ kids, there's going to be some issues with kids from time to time.  Now, the real issue is that we aren't winning.  If we were winning, nobody would be making as big of a deal about this.  

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