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8 hours ago, I am I said:

Saw Betts passed out a in wheelchair on his recruiting visit, wasted, in the hotel lobby with dudes pushing him into an elevator. Go back and check my post in his recruiting forum. 
as the wind blows…

Oh no!!! The horror!!!  A high school kid had way too much to drink on his recruiting visit.  Who effin cares.

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8 minutes ago, MasterPulverizer said:

Joseph has been pretty candid about wanting kids who love football.  From some of the other comments, it sounds like Betts wasn't in this category.  Makes me wonder if this is who Joseph has been talking about all along.

Which, if this is all true, he needs to move on with his life and find something he's passionate about. I know lots of kids who loved a sport until they got to college and college took the fun out of it for them.  It's possible that's what is happening here.  Which....is fine.  He just needs to make a decision and live with it.

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7 hours ago, Cdog923 said:

Regardless of if he comes back, I'm more comfortable with the WR room than I have been in a long time, and that's due to the man who is leading it now. 

You are absolutely correct. I have been disappointed with the results of this group for a long time. We haven’t had possession receivers since Morgan, bell and westy. They need to be taught to “own” the ball when it’s in the air. 

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10 hours ago, swmohusker said:

That isn't that big of a deal really.  We would take recruits out all the time and get them hammered and show them what a weekend in college is like.  Then drop them off back at their hotels and laugh at them when they came up and met with the coaches the next morning. Our signing rate was top notch when it came to hosting recruits. Doesn't mean those kids were bad kids or didn't love football.  

Doesn’t speak well over the last 25 years

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On 3/24/2022 at 10:15 PM, Lorewarn said:



That's because their competition is FCS schools.


There are also DII and DIII schools in a better place than we are right now. There are also high school programs in a better place than we are - because they're more well positioned in relation to their competition and their goals.


Do you think you're making a point here?

Ok I'm not going to go as far as d3 or d2 schools are sitting better, a handful of fcs schools I could make that argument. NDSU is top of the list

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