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2022 Season Notes

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Scenarios for this weekend, per the OWH:



Champion: Beat Wisconsin and Minnesota, and then have Ohio State beat Wisconsin on Saturday. That puts the Huskers at 18-2 and the Badgers at 17-3.


Co-champions: Nebraska wins both of its matches, and Wisconsin beats Ohio State. Then Nebraska and Wisconsin each finish 18-2.


Co-champions: Nebraska beats Wisconsin but loses to Minnesota. Then Nebraska would be left hoping Ohio State would give the Badgers their third league loss. In that case, Nebraska and Wisconsin each finish 17-3 and share the title.


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I feel awful for Knuckles, she is the heart and soul of the team. Major loss on the court and just before tournament time in her Senior year. Makes me sad. She was so fired up tonight too...can't help but think that had she been able to play - the outcome would have been very different. Just sucks that her Husker playing days ended with an injury at practice. Hope she recovers and has a long pro career or maybe announcing! I would watch other teams just to hear her.

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I mean ... talking about deficiencies is definitely relative.


But I think we're really in trouble this year without Knuckles.  We were already not a great serving and passing team.  And now we've lost the player who was best at both.


I think trying to run the 6-2 this year is going to backfire.  We just end up spending too much time with poor servers at the line and poor passers in the back row.


And we still just lack that absolute hammer when we have to have a point.  Kubik is very good but just a level below Foecke, Robinson, Larson, etc.  Launstein seemed to be getting there as the year went on but she doesn't get enough chances.  And Batenhorst has really come on down the stretch.


But we still really struggle to set middle.  We're basically stuck setting left most of the time.  Too poor of timing with the middles and just don't feed the rights enough.


I think we probably lose in the regional finals.

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