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** 2022 Opponent Previews : Oklahoma (Game 4) **

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HuskerOnline: Oklahoma 2022 Spring Preview

"It's funny because when you're listening nationally, everyone thinks OU is in shambles and when you're in the OU bubble, you actually feel like the program is in a better situation than it was 12 months ago, but does that mean the product on the field is actually better?

"It feels like in the long run, OU is getting more equipped for the move to the SEC. It's feeling better in terms of its facilities, in terms of its personnel and it's getting all of its ducks in a row, as it's about to make that move. But what does that mean for 2022? And that's a legitimate question.

"When you look at the way OU has played in recent years, there's always that game or two, that makes zero sense, where OU has a hiccup and you don't understand it. Can Venables bring out the consistency with every single game, with every single week? It's something he preaches, every little thing matters. That's been sort of his mantra ever since he's taken over is like, "you can't forget about the little things because they all add up to the big things." So we're going to find that out.

"I think, OU is going to be in a very good position. I can't see why OU wouldn't win the Big 12. And if they don't, I would actually see it as a pretty big, not indictment, but a massive disappointment for Venables and for all the fans."





Athlon: #13 Oklahoma 2022 Preview

Oklahoma's winter spun into turmoil. Then torment. And finally … transition. Could triumph be next? Maybe. Maybe not. Honestly, what's next is anybody's guess, amid a complete makeover of staff and roster. Sure, there are still plenty of brave faces around Norman after Lincoln Riley bolted the Sooners for USC, leaving fans feeling jilted and in denial over a coach leaving them, voluntarily, for the first time since Chuck Fairbanks jumped to the NFL in 1973. Players hit the exits, too, including star quarterback Caleb Williams, joining Riley with the Trojans no less, one of eight transfers becoming ex-Sooners among 14 total starters lost. Oklahoma leaned into its past, bringing back former coordinator Brent Venables for his long-awaited first go as a head coach. The Sooners tapped into the transfer portal, too, adding 10 players. There's reason for optimism. And pessimism. Which one will prevail?






CollegeFootballNews:  Oklahoma 2022 Preview & Prediction

It’s just about the same sort of situation as it was last year in the Big 12. The expansion hasn’t kicked in yet, everyone appears to be improved/hopeful/better, Baylor and Oklahoma State are dangerous, and Texas is once again going to be “back.” The Big 12 isn’t going anywhere yet. It’s still there for the taking. Here’s the thing to remember about how everything went down last year in what might have seemed like a major disappointment – even though 11-2 with an Alamo Bowl win is hardly anything to blow off … Oklahoma – as flawed as it might have been – was way close to being in the College Football Playoff. It struggled and sputtered throughout the season and yet it was still a tough loss to Oklahoma State and an impressive regular-season-loss-avenging-win performance over Baylor in the Big 12 Championship from probably booting out Cincinnati. Oh sure, it would’ve been a total annihilation against Alabama in the CFP, but at the very least the Sooners weren’t that far away. Now, for the future under Brent Venables, there has to be a distinction between making the College Football Playoff and actually being one of the four best teams in the thing, but for now … Yeah, win the Big 12, get to the CFP, and don’t worry about what happens from there.



Offense, Defense Breakdown | Keys To The Season | Oklahoma Top 10 Players | OU Schedule & Analysis




More to come...


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Game times should start to trickle out soon.


Fox and ESPN/ABC have more or less a draft as to what games they get to air.  Fox gets the 1st pick and always takes OSU/Mich.  ESPN/ABC will take ND/Ohio St #2. 


So where will NU/OU fall in that pecking order?  If it is picked by Fox prepare for an 11am kick.  If it goes to ESPN/ABC then I would think a night game probably is in the cards, if not then a 2:30 kick.

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7 minutes ago, Hilltop said:

Pretty sure this is the biggest game on that weekend - possible Game Day in Lincoln again?


If its not on ESPN/ABC, no chance of Gameday.


If I had to guess, Gameday will be Penn St @ Auburn and that will be the ESPN night game.


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56 minutes ago, Red Five said:


If its not on ESPN/ABC, no chance of Gameday.


If I had to guess, Gameday will be Penn St @ Auburn and that will be the ESPN night game.


Gotcha- yeah that makes sense.  

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