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** 2022 Opponent Previews : Oklahoma (Game 4) **

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On 9/6/2022 at 6:43 PM, Go Furself said:

Would be surprised if OU is ranked at the end of the season.


At this moment their RB's (which is usually a strength for them), WR's and DL are not special; not bad, just not anything special. Their top two rushers from last year are gone. Four of their top five WR's from last year are no longer with the team. Their top three sack producers from last year are gone.


They have a transfer QB (Gabriel from UCF) starting, a head coach in his first year as a head coach and their most tenured coach was fired a little over a month ago for repeating a racial slur.


They are headed out the door of the Big XII so they probably won't receive favorable 50/50 calls.


I don't see how OU holds it together this year.


Total push overs they'll be unranked by the end of the year.      chuckleshuffle

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People are acting like we’re going to win this game just because someone else on the staff got promoted to HC. This team’s long list of flaws are not going away in six days. The same mediocre personnel still remains even with Frost gone. Joseph can’t make this defense physical and fast in just six days. We have played three cupcakes and lost to two of them. Not to mention the game with North Dakota was still in doubt in the fourth quarter. While OU has played cupcakes, their games were won by the fourth quarter and their backups were in. The fans that are suddenly confident that a team that lost to two glorified high school teams is going to beat OU proves how delusional some of our fan base is. OU has far more incentive to win this game, too. Nebraska’s season is essentially over. Another key difference between the two teams is that OU can actually tackle and get stops on defense. Their quarterback is not the best, but he is experienced and we have a penchant for making average quarterbacks look like heisman candidates. Experienced quarterbacks typically don’t get rattled in road environments. The game being at 11 is another advantage for OU. 11 AM road crowds usually aren’t anywhere near as intimidating as night crowds. I’m sure our offense will score some points, but I do not trust a defense that just gave up nearly 700 yards to Georgia Southern to stop OU at all. There is a reason the spread is OU -13.5.

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