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** 2022 Opponent Previews : Illinois (Game 8) **

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Illinois' defense seems built to stop the run. Their only loss was to really more of a passing team (Indiana).


Indiana had one WR with 156 yards & another with 109 in that game.


The key seems to be throwing on them.

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Looking at the updated NCAA stats today and it is somewhat scary the defenses we'll be facing in the last 5 games, especially considering our struggles on the OL.


Points per game allowed.

  •   #1 Illinois - 8.86 ppg
  •   #3 Iowa - 9.83 ppg
  •   #4 Minnesota - 11.67 ppg
  •   #5 Michigan - 12.14 ppg
  • #33 Wisconsin - 21.57 ppg
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18 minutes ago, Danimal said:

Was really disappointed by our tackling against Purdue. I hope we're really working on it with the extra prep time. Getting Reimers back should help. 


It was pretty atrocious. I do think some of it was being down Reimer, Henrich (although he tends to be iffy tackling), and Buford - plus Newsome didn't look 100%. Some solid schemed up things too - I think Jimari Butler has a bright future, but covering the RB one on one in the flat is a mismatch in favor of the RB. But regardless of who is in there it needs to get a lot better.

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