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** 2022 Opponent Previews : Iowa (Game 12) **

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Iowa is the most boring team of an entire generation in what is now known as Power 5 football. Watching their games is seriously painful.


And just like in the past several years, they don't match up well against teams with speed. Ohio State is going to crush them.

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9’points is pretty high.  It’s unlikely either team scores 9.  Lol.  

Iowa has a superior defense.  NU offense is not good.  However, Iowa’s offense is the poorest Nebraska faces, maybe all year.  Nebraska is playing pretty well defensively despite struggling to win.  


But Whipple seems to find a way to put a couple scores in the board even with Terrible line.  The difference is in this game, Neb is not facing a team with a great defense AND strong running game offense.  Time of possession may end up being fairly close as both teams may punt 10 times.  Lol.  Turnovers have been hard to come by for NU defense but the defense has steadily improved.  Big plays have been hard to get vs Neb lately.  I think Neb has a couple big plays vs IA if weather is not terrible.  

I just have a good vibe and will say Neb 17 - Iowa 13. 


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