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** 2022 Opponent Previews : Iowa (Game 12) **

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5 hours ago, BIG ERN said:

While I agree I think that is more of a fan's take than a current player who has had 3 coaches and we also have a lot of new transfers especially on offense. Defense should hopefully relay the message...Tannor, Nelson, Newsome, Reimer


Iowa's D will need a TD for them to win this game. This game is the most winable BIG game we've had all season.

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Iowa is going to line up under center and run, run, run, run, run, play action bootleg, run, run, they’ll even tell us where they are running and still mow us over.


Defensively they’ll dominate the line and we won’t be able to run. Thompson will be notified at halftime that his health insurance will no longer cover him as long as he chooses to play behind the Nebraska offensive line.


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I am so excited that the game starts at 3PM !!!!!!..  


I can get some fried turkey manwich going and a pre-game nap. chuckleshuffle  Like brisket...... mmmmm



With coleslaw!

And spicy mac-n-cheese!  (whole grilled jalapenos - Hot Hot Hot!!!)

Italian cut green beans with salt n peppa!!!  And bacon!!!

Biscuits and rolls!!!  Warm butter!!!


Collard Greens!!!!  With bacon!!!

Corn on the cobb!!!!

Dill pickles and green olives!!!

Sweet potato pie!!!



And more turkey manwich !!!! with BBQ sauce!!!!  




Last game of the year yo!!!! 


Happy Thanksgiving to my Huskerboard FAM !!!!!


:) :woo:cheers:bigredn::w00t :bluffs:restore2


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Pretty stoked about the weather for tomorrow's game.  A little windy and chilly here in Iowa City tonight but no heavy winter coats for us after all tomorrow.  Weather.com is now saying a high of 54 tomorrow and mostly sunny.  Now all we need to do is BEAT IOWA.






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(Iowa and Cade at the NIL Deal table)


Iowa:  Listen Cade,  we love what you bring to the table and we feel like we need to give your our entire Lump of NIL money collected.  It amounts to $425,000!  Now that seems very generous to us.  What do you say?


Cade: What?!  Why on earth would I ever play for that nepotistic coach Kirk or his creepy son who couldn’t run an offense on a high school JV team?!


Iowa:  Okay, valid point. Let’s spice this deal up.  $425,000 and a guaranteed coaching job as an offensive analyst let’s say $100,000 as soon as you graduate!  We would even make it a two year deal!


Cade:  Honestly guys I don’t know this doesn’t sound g…


Iowa:  Cade wait!!! $550,000 and we will throw in two co-Ed’s!!!


Cade:  Done!


Cade internally: ( I’m going to milk these cockeyes for all their worth) 

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36 minutes ago, suh_fan93 said:



They pretty much are.. I think the only 2 scholarship receivers left are Diante Vines (8 catches last year) and Brody Brecht (9). Brecht is an in state kid who also plays baseball so he might stick around, and there's always a chance they think "if I'm the only one here, they have to throw me the ball!" But it's bad, McNamara better be out personally recruiting for some weapons.

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