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JUCO DL Taylor Lewis [Arkansas Commit]

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From the sounds of it he just got the grades that he needed to be eligible.  Mizzou has offered and other schools are picking up interest in him. I think with the transfer portal it has to hurt JUCO recruits who are usually coveted as plug in play guys, who are now passed on by nabbing a player from the portal who has P5 experience. This offer doesnt carry the swagger of an Alabama Transfer, but it could serve its purpose to add another solid DL so we can hold up in the trenches this year.  

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33 minutes ago, Atbone95 said:

My read is this offer is to have a backup for Wynn if he says no - or to try to put pressure on Wynn?


IMO, stupid bluff. All in on Wynn, we're not in a place to tell him to hurry up and make a decision. 

Desperate times...

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This weekend, which is also interesting as they weren't expected to bring anyone in over Memorial Day weekend.


He's already visited Oregon State, Washington State and Buffalo.  Visiting Arkansas today.


Considering we are his last OV, I would think there would be a decision forthcoming soon.

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4 minutes ago, TonyStalloni said:

The coaches need to figure out if Colton Feist is deserving of a schollie this year.


He hasn't been receiving one up to now so I would guess that will remain the same, unless you are seeing him on the field a lot, in which case he probably deserves it.

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5 hours ago, Decked said:

He isn’t getting one. He has done nothing yet. 

Neither have any of the high school recruits but they must see something on film that leads them to believe high school kids are worthy. Chins has seen him for two years now and I'm sure they have an opinion whether Colton is or is not capable of improving enough to play D1.

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