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Thunderin' Bolts vs Michigan State

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Purdue cancelled… didn’t even try to wait it out or move start time up to avoid rain. Big 10 screws Nebraska again. We are out regardless of outcome. Of course, the Big 10 didn’t suck a$$ all season, that is on the team.

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11 minutes ago, HANC said:

May have jumped gun… big 10 + network reporting cancelled, but big 10 network says delay

Maryland has a flight out of town at 8 PM, so their curfew is 5:30 PM Eastern.  Even if they start right now, will be tough to get a game in.  I know you say the team sucked a$$ all season it in your previous post, but this isn't the Big Ten screwing Nebraska.

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I don't know who makes the call on rain delays, but it was reported that Purdue declined Maryland's request for a Friday doubleheader based on a "window" today. The window was there, and Purdue didn't take it, meaning there is strong evidence of cowardly intent. If I were a fan of that program, I would be deeply embarrassed. I don't think the Big 10 front office had any say, so blaming them just makes us look stupid (I saw one person on either Twitter or FB, forget which, saying it was Kevin Warren's decision. Please, let's stop with that crap.)


But with that said, the series loss to Minnesota means this team doesn't deserve jack. That was not as embarrassing as being such a bunch of craven infants as Purdue is, but still extremely shameful. The season ending today is fair, and winning 3 of the last 4 is a nice little consolation heading into next year, where by all accounts Will Bolt will be going scorched earth on the roster, looking to bring in 18 new players (apparently the roster capacity does bump up to 40, too, which helps.)

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