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Ex-Nebraska QB Adrian Martinez says Kansas State is 'most talented squad' in career

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It kinda seems like he was throwing a little shade maybe at Nebraska especially his old teammates.  He could have chose his words better but maybe he does think the guys he's around now are the best he's been around.  Should be interesting to see how they do and he does there.



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Who really believes that he had a great supporting cast while at Nebraska? With that, the coaching staff also sucked.


Would anybody really expect for him to say anything else? He was a class act while at Nebraska and will continue to be.

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Let's make a topic the first time a leader of a college football team comes out and says


"We are trash.  In all honesty we probably couldn't hang with an NAIA school.  I'm just hoping we dont get embarrassed and my parents disown me for an opposing player.   The only thing I'm looking forward to is an injury "



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Maybe whatever comes out of his mouth isn’t worth taking seriously, as mentioned prior - a la coach speak. 

It’s funny, Frost commented how stupid/dumb his team was (penalties wise) in year 1-2 and people got upset for making those comments.


Back then it wasn’t all his recruits, but it is now. Seems like this current offseason is the most progress he’s put towards honest competition across the board, I don’t care how much money they spent. The more real competition in the day

-to-day, the better it looks on Saturday, easier too. 

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I wish him the best.  He gave us all he had.  He was coached and allowed to play the way he did.  He had swiss cheese for a line.  AN OC who never developed a running game.  Had coaches who never helped him when he was struggling.  Would I be shocked if he tore it up there?  No.  Would I be shocked if he was average?  No.  But I think his environment, team, and coaches will determine it.  Just like it did while at Nebraska.

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