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Ex-Nebraska QB Adrian Martinez says Kansas State is 'most talented squad' in career

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I truly believe that Casey Thompson is as good of a quarterback if not better than Adrian Martinez but the problem is that we have a trash OL that cannot protect any QB or give them 3 seconds to go through their progression. Adrian played well today because of several reasons:

(1) he had an excellent running back that made many great runs and eluded Oklahoma defenders

(2) his OL gave him time to think and react 

(3) his tide ends and wide receivers made excellent catches even when the ball was under thrown

(4) he was inspired and motivated to beat Oklahoma

(5) coaches had an excellent game plan

(6) defense played very well


Adrian seldom had all those things at Nebraska. If Casey Thompson can have those things at Nebraska, we can win many games as the kid is a very good quarterback. Other than Grant and Ajay who ran the ball very well, Thompson did not have much help. Despite that, our offense has been able to move the ball up and down the field. QB are as good as the teams around them. If they do not have a reliable OL and some consistent weapons, they will fail to win no matter how good they are.


Adrian made many mistakes at Nebraska and while some decisions were obviously his fault, I wonder how many of his mistakes were a result of bad coaching and game plan. Regardless, I am really happy for him. I was genuinely pleased to see him beat Oklahoma and wish him all the best moving forward. After all, he gave it his best at Nebraska and unlike Frost, did not walk away with tens of millions of dollars.


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I suspect he can play his game a bit more freely since he's not taking snaps behind one of the worst offensive lines in the country. I bet he feels like he doesn't have to completely win games by himself anymore. That's what it felt like at times under Frost. Most of Martinez' best moments in red seemed to be plays that were broken and where he was forced to improvise himself out of trouble; sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. And he was in a lot of trouble. Those games where he threw multiple picks probably come out of feeling like he has to play hero ball. Not really sustainable.

Honestly it feels like Thompson is in the same predicament.

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proud of the kid, showed his skills when he had an OL to work behind.

he talked about the player/coach culture at K state, we didn't have that at NU.

our OL is crap, CT is stuck with them too, sad.

need to fire our OL coach and get some real recruiters and coaches.

we got egg all over our faces.

congrats AM!

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9 hours ago, Danny Bateman said:

Or… it’s just hard to win football games, period, but good coaches win more often than they lose? That’s a good place to start because we haven’t hit that benchmark since Riley.


Sure it's a good place to start, but when the ceiling is 6-8 wins a year it's not worth it. And please don't give me the "more resources" spiel.

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Watching that was like watching your ex find happiness with another guy, who’s a douche btw. You try and pretend you’re happy for her but deep down your wallowing in your own lonely misery.  Not that I know why that feels like or anything, I’m just assuming. Damnit Hayley please take me back!!

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5 minutes ago, ColoradoHusk said:

Let me get this right. NU fans get mad at Adrian when he says “this K-State team has the most talent I’ve played with in college” and then when K-State beats the #6 team on the road, and the same team that could have named the score against NU the week before, NU fans are still mad at Adrian.  Yep, that sounds about right. 

I’m glad he left-for his sake. Why can’t fans separate players from their retarded coaches?  We’re just beginning see how horrible SF really was

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6 minutes ago, krc1995 said:

I’m glad he left-for his sake. Why can’t fans separate players from their retarded coaches?  We’re just beginning see how horrible SF really was

Both parties needed to try something new. NU needed to try a new QB and offensive system, but the one constant with NU was the crappy head coach. Adrian needed to try playing someplace else without the burden of being the entire team. Adrian hasn’t been perfect, but he led his team to the biggest win of Adrian’s career last night.  As someone who felt that Adrian got way too much blame for NU’s lack of success the past 4 years, I’m happy for the kid. I also understand the fans who don’t really care what Adrian does at K-State. I do find it weird for NU fans who want him to play poorly or continue to point out his low points in his career. 

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