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Ex-Nebraska QB Adrian Martinez says Kansas State is 'most talented squad' in career

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12 minutes ago, Hayseed said:

Adrian would still be getting beat to death if he played for us.


Well on Adrian's game-clinching run, the K-State OL collapsed almost immediately, and the 3rd and 14 was converted entirely on Adrian's improvisation. When Adrian wasn't getting beaten to death, he still managed to become the Career Total Offense Leader at Nebraska.


People seem to forget that Nebraska had the #2 total offense in the Big 10 last year at 448 yards a game, behind only Ohio State. You just can't do that if your OL is as inept as people claim here. We mostly had situational problems, including red zone and 4th quarter breakdowns. And yeah, some of AM's poorly timed turnovers were on Adrian. 


This year, both Thompson and Grant are among the NCAA statistical leaders. Can't do that without an OL doing something right. But when your defense is utterly helpless and you're playing scared or from behind, offensive rhythm goes out the window on a team that's already pretty fragile.


Tons of room for improvement on the OL, but this offense seems able to win games with a little more help.

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6 minutes ago, Hayseed said:

If you ask me, this is a perfectly designed scramble. All five blockers did their job and the routes gave Martinez a great chance at getting the first down.


That’s the important piece- everyone doing the right things at the right times. That is the part of coaching that Frost never improved on. 

an orchestra needs a conductor to make beautiful music. No conductor = lots of hot air and no symmetry 

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29 minutes ago, Hayseed said:

In post game Klieman says the big run wasn't an intentional scramble, they covered the pass routes and it just happened to clear out the field for Adrian to take off. Klieman said Martinez hit another gear and it was something to see....I call that Crouchspeed.

I can’t remember him hitting that extra gear since his freshman year.   He was mooooving!

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3 hours ago, TherealTomOsborne said:

I can’t remember him hitting that extra gear since his freshman year.   He was mooooving!

It's hard to remember the good things from losses...  he did that occasionally since then but mainly in losing efforts so very forgettable. 

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On 5/28/2022 at 6:39 PM, GlobalHusker said:



"I feel like this is the perfect opportunity for me to finally show that I can be all that my potential is, if that makes sense,” Martinez said this week on KC Sports Network. “You know, I feel really good about the attributes I have and my skill on the field. Now, let’s put it all together and gets some wins and let’s do this thing. I’m confident about that and this is the situation to do it. There’s some incredible pieces and incredible players on this team. Probably the most talented squad I’ve been able to be a part of and that gets me excited. I think it’s a great opportunity for me to take that next step.”




I guess Wan’Dale wasn’t very talented. Same with Stanley Morgan.  I guess I better look more closely at their roster! Thoughts???


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