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Yant, Grant and Ervin?

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No Ajay Allen in the running back rotation for a thought? Sometimes coaches want to redshirt incoming freshman but can't, bc they are too talented to keep off of the field. Ajay Allen has a lot to learn as a freshmen, blocking, speed of the game, playbook but so did Wandale so any chance he makes a splash like his film shows and not just on special teams? I was surprised just by watching his film how smooth he looks as a runner like he is gliding through the air. Was definitely surprised more teams didn't go after him bc he looks like a stud. Hope he stays for the long haul. I might be one of a few who think he can and will see the field as a running back but wouldn't be surprised if they redshirt him to develop bc of the pieces they have in place. Also is anyone counting on Stepp to be part of the running back group as well or has everyone written him off?????

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Stepp isn't going to retire from football. He has had minor injuries but really if all else fails he transfers out. But maybe he plays his butt off during fall camp and doesn't leave.Things will be interesting through out fall camp and the thing with Ajay Allen i would say is he us more talented as a freshmen then GE and is right there as talent wise as Wandale. The thing i always said about Wandale was he was tiny, quick in space just not the home run speed Ajay has that. 

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