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What's going on at Northwestern?

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3 hours ago, ColoradoHusk said:

I agree that the nude bear crawls or dry humping some dude is not acceptable, and it's a form of sexual assault.  I disagree with your comment that then the majority of these guys go out and are serial rapists.



I didn't say "the majority of these guys." I said "the guys who think of this type of thing." I was specifically referring to whoever came up with the idea. Herd mentality/group think is another problem but I wasn't referring to everyone involved.

I just read a story last week that this reminded me of. There were these 2 14 year old boys in Nebraska who sexually assaulted a 13 year old boy with a broomstick handle in front of 4 other kids and in the victim statement he said they laughed when he screamed. The act is one thing but how the people witnessing this stuff can behave is also problematic and boggles the mind. But I don't think the 4 are going to become rapists.

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Northwestern really messed up. They made so many mistakes handling this situation. I also wonder if some admins get axed. 


1) They gave him a 2-week suspension. He has a good case to win in court- not saying he will. Because they decided to put a timetable on it and then fire him a few days later. Therefore, Fitzgerald can make the case they didn't believe his actions were grounds for dismissal until the Daily article came out. Why did they suspend him in the 1st place? Especially after they had a 3rd party investigation? A case could be made that NW had enough evidence to fire with cause. 


2) They have an amazing journalism school. It is insane the school Newspaper went after him and brought him down. No national news outlets did this- the student newspaper did. Kudos to them for continuing and getting all the details right. With all the headlines and such being a part of journalism, they did a fantastic job. 


3) Fitzgerald has a really good lawyer backing him. He is not messing around. I don't see NW being able to get away with not paying him at least something.  Here is a link to his bio.


4) Overall, this is a sad state of affairs. I don't see NW ever becoming solid again in football unless they get a really good hire. Fitzgerald has all of their bowl wins. They do have some nice facilities coming their way, but the ceiling for them is Stanford. What great coach wants to come into a situation where you are way behind the 8 ball? Especially with a program that has high academic standards? 


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18 minutes ago, Loebarth said:


Honest question. Could this be reason for the NCAA to levy the dreaded death penalty? I mean seriously what is really worse paying player to join or once agreeing to join subjecting them to physical, sexual and emotional abuse?

It is all bad, but if PSU didn't get it, would NW?

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1 hour ago, Huskerfollower4life said:

Ultimately I understand that this falls on the head coach with what happened but should NW clean house with the assistant coaches that were there too?  I know the defense coordinator just got hired so I wouldn't let him go but the assistant coaches should be held accountable too that were there.

There isn't enough time before the season to make wholesale changes in the coaching staff.  There wouldn't be available assistants to hire from other schools.  All Northwestern is doing now is trying someway to salvage this season, keep the roster intact the best they can, and keep the stadium project going.  Big Ten Media Days is next week, and training camp starts the week after.  It's impossible to make huge changes in such a short amount of time.


EDIT: Just like coaching hires can rarely be completed before the end of the regular season, coaching staffs can't be fired 2 weeks before the start of training camp.

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