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Nouili out for the year

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3 minutes ago, Huskinator said:

I don’t think he’d be out a year on the Devil lettuce….. either super hard stuff or roids I’d assume 

Kind of what I was thinking. Or maybe he had a pregnant lady pee for him or something.

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There is always something with Nebraska?! The good thing that can come from this is you still have all of fall camp to get his replacement ready. If their are concerns about the o line and the coach this sure will go along way with how Raiola handles the situation. You just don't believe that drugs get you suspended for a whole upcoming. It definitely has to be something serious bc smoking marijuana probably wouldn't get you suspended for 1 year unless the NCAA finally is trying to crack down on young men bc of NIL deals. But who knows i know i sure don't. Next man up mentality!! 

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5 minutes ago, Decked said:

They said something about medicine he got from Germany. No idea about anything else. 

I'd have to think roids. Maybe an opiate for some pain.  Can't imagine herb would get a full year.  Sucks that if it was legit meds from Germany, there couldn't be some grace shown.  A year is severe IMO.  but then again, I do not know what the circumstances were.  Can we please bring Frank back on staff, even as a consultant, and break the curse.  

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