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USC and UCLA to the B1G

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3 minutes ago, IgniteTheSpark said:

I don't regard this to have any clout at all but with everything going on, I've been told that Nebraska is in a bidding war between the Big10 and SEC. 


FWIW. which is probably zero

Are we having to pay a conference to take us now?  Crap!

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This is not the end to expansion and one of the Power 5 conferences will fold. I would expect Power 4 Conferences, a next 2 conferences and the rest. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. If the B1G expands anymore we could take Notre Dame and probably Kansas or an ACC dark horse. 


Power 4

1 Big Ten


3 Big 12

4 ACC 


Next 2 


6 Mountain West



7-10/ The remaining conferences







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19 minutes ago, Decked said:

Good for money. Bad for football. 

Agree with this. Happy that I can see Nebraska more out in CA now but this is getting a bit ridiculous. Flying over the entire country to play Rutgers or Maryland is a “conference game”.  With this and paying players we sure have made a complete reversal from some OSU players got tattoos and Reggie Bush got a bag, this is the Wild West…mini pro leagues now.  

Protip, we are central to recruiting now in the conference, haha. That should be worth something getting into some western states.

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Let’s get to work. The PAC 12 just took a major hit to their brand. Top recruits in Utah, AZ, CO can easily come east to us to play in the top conference. And CA now opens up greater for us too. Big opportunity for us to be a national destination but gotta win the games on the schedule!

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  • Mavric changed the title to USC and UCLA to the B1G

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