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2022 Fall Camp Pressers

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Chinander seemed to speak highly of Tannor.  Hopefully it shows up this fall.


Chins said they might play Tannor, Nelson and Mathis together in a couple of packages.


Defensive scheme will still be similar to what it has been but they are working on ways to get more turnovers and TFLs.

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Interesting.  Early but still seemed fairly positive about the general level of things.  He seems to speak freely and quickly so I take it as he’s not trying overly spin his responses - didn’t appear to hide the negatives if there were any.  Better sounding than I expected for all the new things to get installed.   Not that I expected a big fail out of the gate but less issues than you might have reasonably anticipated.  Good sign.  

Mentioned the staff are in the same wavelength but allowed to speak up with ideas and input.  That’s a plus imo.  

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3 minutes ago, Mavric said:

Whipple said Thompson's thumb is a non-issue.


He said Purdy is a little behind because of the time him missed in the spring.


Too many turnovers today - they were doing red zone work and forcing too many throws.

This is where we have to be better. Luckily, it is getting ironed out in fall camp. However, during the year we cannot have these demoralizing turnovers or drivers where we get 60 yards and turn it over or miss points. Another thing is there will not be as much qb run in the redzone as we saw last year. With Adrian it made sense but with CT the staff has to find other ways to get the ball in the endzone. Most likely bigger backs like Yant or rpo to a TE leaking out etc. 

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