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2022 Fall Camp Pressers

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Just now, The Dude said:

When did he say that?  In the video you shared he said, "we didn't turn the ball over, that's the big thing".


I got that from one of the media write-ups.  But you're right, he said exactly the opposite.  Maybe they heard wrong???

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I didn't see MJ talk yet, but according to Sipple he said something along the lines of, "the receivers got their butts kicked today".  When Sip asked him which player steps up when they're getting their butts kicked MJ said something like, "nobody, we have nobody like that yet".  


Sounded a bit like a motivation tactic.

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I seen all the videos and I am so excited !!!  I cannot believe we are in August, and getting closer to the opener.


I need to soak it in, and take it one day at a time.  I am getting too old for this lol

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7 hours ago, Mavric said:


This was one of the better interviews that HCSF has done, since the new coaching changes.


He appears to be more of a complete head coach, aware, watching from a distance, trusting his coordinators/coaches, getting involved, giving input, going over things, etc.  He seems like he see's the entire field at work, and it's his team.  Like, it's not just nose-down on the offense and less time for other areas.  It was good.

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