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2022 Fall Camp Notes - Defensive Backs

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Joseph's anger at his receiver group actually made me feel good about our defensive backs.  We got a lot of talent in the WR group.  We lost some key people in our secondary. 

So if our DBs hang with and whip some butts with this group of WRs then I think they are coming along nicely.  The WR group will come around.  Joseph is too good of a coach.   Before long the WRs will be kicking other teams DB's butts. 








Mickey Joseph scanned his eyes around, looking for a leader to rally the wideouts.

Nebraska’s receivers coach wanted someone to say something — anything — after the Husker wideouts “got our butts whupped” and “took it on the chin” from the defensive backs during Monday’s practice.

But in searching for “that alpha,” Joseph only found himself.

“Nobody stepped up and said anything,” Joseph said. “That’s my problem with them right now is that when things are going bad, somebody’s gotta just call the group in and say, ‘OK, hey, let’s settle down and get it going,’ because I’m not going to be out there with them.”







Joseph offered to leave the room in an attempt to inspire a players-only meeting for them to hash things out.

“I’d rather them do it,” Joseph said. “They’re gonna learn. They know what to expect. But they know one thing: I’m gonna be hard on them. I’m not gonna look away and act like I don’t see it.”

The tough-love, say-it-like-it-is mentality from Joseph comes from his desire to help his players achieve their sky-high expectations.

Considering Joseph has coached NFL stars like Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson, Nebraska’s players understand where the former Husker quarterback is coming from.

“I rule with an iron fist, and they understand that and I think they accept that,” Joseph said. “I’m never going to be soft on them. I’m never going to cater to them. I’m never going to cater to them. I’m never going to tell them what they want to hear. I’m always going to tell them the truth, but I’m going to demand that they play with excellence. That’s how you win.”






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