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UND @ Nebraska 9/3/22

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You'll likely be able to walk up to just about any tailgate and enjoy a beer and conversation with husker fans. The parking lots around the stadium are technically dry but I would venture to guess there will be plenty of people with red solo cups. Lots of parking lots downtown will be hosting large tailgates. If you don't get invited to a particular one don't fret just walk around downtown and you'll likely be invited into more than a handful.

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On 7/31/2022 at 12:39 PM, SiouxFan100 said:

Would someone please tell me about the champions club building experience? What is it? Would it be described as tailgating indoors except you purchase food and drink? Air conditioning?  I will have passes to it if I want. Apparently there will also be tailgating in the areas immediately around it as well. I want to experience as much of the tailgating as I can but also pregame events in the stadium.

thanks in advance 


Yeah it's indoor tailgating with a bunch of tvs and one of the only places to serve alchohol on campus. You won't be able to take any of it outside though so no take-out. It does offer a very near to the stadium parking if that's a thing you need to worry about. As for more general tailgating experience right to the west past the Champions Club is the 10th street overpass. That's probably the prime tailgating area that is packed but just start talking to people and make sure you are clearly a fan of the visiting team and you will get offered all the food and drinks you could want. The other tailgating spot is the big concourse and parking lot right out by East Stadium. Right in the middle of that lot on the southern sidewalk you will see a tower, keep going and you will get to the mammoth statue outside the History Meusem. If you pass the statue, his name is Archie and it's suposedly good luck to tap his extended foot. So don't do that. :•}


Otherwise if you are more to the west of the stadium, you will see the Basketball Arena beyond the overpass, just to it's south is the Historic Haymarket area filled with lots of restaurants, bars and shops. It's one of the more popular areas in the area with some good breweries. Just stay north of N. There's not much for tourists down that way, just steelworks and other industrial buildings. But canopy street is nice enough, the market is at the far south of Canopy and of course the Railyard is at the far north of Canopy, basically across the street from the Basketball Arena. It's a courtyard surrounded by bars and food shops that you order from and eat and drink in the courtyard. it's open carry drinks in the courtyard and a popular hangout spot, its also the home of the Cube. Basically a massive 14 foot by 40 foot on the Railyard courtyard side and 14 feet by 14 feet on the canopy side big screen tv that wraps around the corner of it's building. Bourbon street is also nice. Good places to stop in and grab some food.


If you are more South straight outside the East Stadium entrance is a path, the 2nd building on your right is the Sheldon Meuseum of Art. Go about 6 blocks south and then a little to the east and you will hit the state capital building. As well as more shopping and restaurants.


And of course when at the stadium, make sure you head to the North Entrance and go inside the Osborne Complex. It's right behind the statue of Tom Osborne and one of the best backup Quarterbacks in college football history, Brook Berringer. Berringer stepped in when Tommie Frazier was out with a blood. Clot. He was a perfect 7-0, saving the team from falling out of the National championship run in 1994. He then finished his final season as a backup once again, playing in mop up duty, and finished his career at Nebraska scoring the final touchdown of the Fiesta  Bowl after the team  dominated the Florida Gators, winning the second of the back to back National Championships as a part of the greatest team in college football history. Brook Berringer was, besides being a quarterback a licenced pilot.rook died while flying a plane that had engine trouble 2 days before the NFL Draft. The complex itself is where the players locker and training areas are but the front entrance is accessible to the public and is the showroom for the Bowl game trophies. National championship trophies and other memorabilia. As well as an "experience room" which also holds the Heisman trophies. As well as some nice features and artwork.


There is typically a kids fun zone on the track right next to the practice facility, but they tore the track out and are moving track and field to a new spot by volleyball facility the that will be a championship level facility. Where the track used to be they are building a massive $150 million dollar training facility. Because of the construction I can't say if or where some of the stuff usually happening around the stadium itself is going to be. 


You didn't say how old your Daughter was or how much time you will be here before and after the game, so I put some of everything. I'm sure we can offer more specific info if you are looking for some specific things that you might enjoy or want to see.

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Thanks so much BlackShirt

very helpful 

we are trying to get things figured out

l have a hotel room about 1/2 mile from the stadium - but others are coming and we might see if there is a Airbnb available.

My wife and are planning on  getting into Lincoln on Thursday afternoon.

We will have UND gear on - looking forward to it. 
will have more questions later

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5 hours ago, Loebarth said:


Wear it around while you and the wife go out. Be sure to have your drinking glasses on because you'll likely getting loads of free drinks :)


I am kinda partial to food and beer.

My wife made some runzas because of this site.  Love them

does anything happen on Friday concerning the game?  UND is having an alumni social at a site to be determined Friday night 

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1 hour ago, Fan100 said:

My tickets purchased through UND were released. I picked up mine today. Section 21 row four. Pumped 

Wow my girl and I will be in Section 21 row five!  Probably right behind you


FYI, if you get a knee in the back of the neck, it's just because yall are winning big  chuckleshuffle




PS. Just playing, we are not going.  We are Texas.  Have fun and enjoy!!! 

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1 hour ago, 108498 said:

I tend to cheer nonstop at games. Would nebraska fans typically be ok with visiting fans cheering alot or would they be angry. My family is expecting to be mainly around Nebraska fans. I have always  dreamed of UND playing a team like Nebraska. 

Sounds great!


You pay money for a ticket you cheer as much as you want !!!! :w00t


You come for free and cheer as loud as you want !!!


Nobody cares about home team fans opinion at football games.  Enjoy, have fun :)

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