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How Would You Start a New Country?

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Let's try something a bit more abstract and removed from the details (often depressing) of discussing actual political stories in the real world.


I'm very drawn to learning about and talking about political, anthropological, and spiritual ideas in the abstract, and a lot of time when you're in the weeds on specifics it's hard to explore big ideas of how things could fundamentally be different, because the machine is so big and has been going for hundreds of years so obviously this is "just the way it is". But, doesn't mean we can't harmlessly dream and theorize about alternate realities.




If you were lucky enough to be in a position such as the founding fathers/Continental Congress found themselves in at the birth of our country, how would you go about it? What systems would you fight for? How would you design safeguards? What values would you care about the most? How would you determine who's in charge? How would you codify how to deal with laws and how the state can and can't enforce order? What things exist in our current reality that you would take great lengths to avoid? 


Let's say, just to give this some rails, that this is a new 'country' removed from the global conflict of 10 million random people, in the year 2022. A complete fresh start in a vacuum. 

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