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2023 Season Notes

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On 5/17/2023 at 9:17 AM, Loebarth said:

So below is the current LIVE rpi for the 2023 D1 Baseball. Nebraska sitting out of the top 100 and the last opponent is out of the top 200. Who here thinks Nebraska has even a remote chance at earning an invite to the post season? If they don't win the B1G tourney, they don't deserve a post season appearance.


This year is every bit as big of a disappointment as last year was. This staff hasn't performed any better than Frost's staff has. Middle of the pack in the B1G conference, a conference mind you that shows how little emphasis it puts on promoting baseball and they are still only mediocre. Bolt is not the manager/coach the fans should want. This program has now suffered through 2 years of lackluster, pathetic, disgusting displays of team chemistry, manager abilities, development abilities and effort. Bolt won with Darin's recruits and has done nothing with 2 all american's and several other all conference players. Are you kidding me? What excuse will be forthright at seasons end?


Bolt needs to be treated the way Coach Frost and Coach Hoiberg were. Next season it's post season play or your done!! Tired of watching mediocrity and most assuredly, tired of supporting it!!!



No, Bolt doesn’t need to be treated like Frost and (most likely) Hoiberg. Bolt has shown improvement over last year in defense and hitting. the only thing that’s been consistently letting us down is pitching, and that’s because Bolt made what he likely thought was a safe hire with Jeff Christy, only to be let down by him three years going. 

All Bolt has to do is find/replace Christy with a good pitching coach (preferably one that played the position), and we have the rest of the pieces to right the ship and get Nebraska back on top in the B1G. 

Now, the question is, does Trev even care about what happens with sports not named football enough to ask Bolt to make that change? Once upon a time, Nebraska was one of ~12 programs in the nation that made a net profit off of the baseball program when it was going extremely well…so it should be on his radar that if things get turned around, this program will be (at worst) revenue neutral and possibly help pay for other programs. 

Look—I’m pissed that our pitching was so suspect that we lost to to a card game school, a crappy ‘Thumper school, and programs from states that are some of the worst in the Union. But look at things holistically, and there’s improvement…just not as much as we want. Fix/replace what is broken and keep improving…with a goal of having three quality starters again and can help ensure there are no more midweek drops.  

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I disagree with you @VectorVictor

Childress is here, 2nd year btw and he "is" a pitching coach and so to blame it all on pitching is wrong. At least in my opinion.


Both and Christy need to be on the same page and I do think they are. Situational pitching "is" a thing. Top college programs, minor leagues and mlb all use situational pitching. Bolt seems to stubborn to either walk a hot hitter/pitch around said hitter or bring in a pitcher with the intent of getting 1 or 2 outs and moving on. Think of the UNO games. Seriously, 1 hitter hammered us twice when we easily could have pitched around and moved on. The San Diego series, stubborness again cost us 2 of those games.. if a pitcher is struggling.. pull him. Bolt doesn't even take the time to send Christy out to delay, then slowly walk out and delay a little before finally calling to the pen and what about a the pitcher throwing 2 or 3x's to first to delay.. never happens for us. (Happens regularly in the pros and against us).


I'm neither for or against Bolt. More for if anything as he's a former player. Of course I'd prefer he succeeds but to this date he's shown little growth as a manager. He did start to show the desire to manufacture runs in our final 2 games.. that was refreshing. Let's see if he continues that. 

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I'm not one to tell folks how to live their lives or anything and I know Hood is out for the season but did Hood really need to announce he's in the portal today when the team if fighting for their season? Seems like a distraction for the sake of a distraction. Can't he just wait a couple of days?  Regardless, best of luck to Hood in his next stop. He did a nice job as a high leverage reliever last year.

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