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*** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

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It has been a very long time (years) since I have scheduled my Saturday mornings around Husker football games, because I work and am self employed.


I was really, REALLY close to doing that today, feeling that this year might be different, but I chose not to. I don't think I will for the rest of the season, either. I'm glad I didn't waste my time.

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Again, the transfers we received all came from big time programs who failed last year.  We didn't get players who played for the national title and contributed.  Sean Callahan, and all of these hype masters who keep throwing praise at ever player we recruit or get via portal need to stop.  Our 4 star players don't even look like other schools 4 star players, no matter the position.  Big Red hype machine is long overdue for a change as well. 

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6 hours ago, funhusker said:

Odds on this post coming from within 200 miles of Kearney, NE?!?!?!

I was definitely there, unfortunately. But as I’ve just explained to a lovely family from Omaha on the dart train, now that I’ve chosen I can’t unchoose. Huskers til the end. Now who’s buying the first round when I come to Lincoln? You lads better have f#&%ing Guinness and none of that Budweiser s#!t. 

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I would feel better if we scheduled USC or Ohio St or Michigan the first game of the year so when we lost it at least made some sense and would be expected.  Last two seasons we have played a cellular dweller and lost.  Come on Big 10, give us Ohio St next season in Paris.!

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2 minutes ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

Chin is the biggest fraud of all. He had you all fooled :lol:

I think chins has made more improvement that we care to give consideration.  And at times the offence was working,  why we went away from 5 to 7 yard pass routs was beyond me.  It was working through the whole first quarter.  Obviously the failed onside kick was the backhand upside the head that through everything down a spiral.  Up by 10 and just keep doing what your doing and its over.

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