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Northwestern: What did we learn?

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D blew chunks for sure.  No DL.  No run D.  Blown coverages.  Missed tackles.  No edge pressure.  Nada.


We have no running game.  We can give that up as well.


Under Frost we have and continue to be an offense that's "big or bust".  No way to grind or eat the clock.  And of course that goes to poor OL play and no idea on the RB room.  Of course new OC, OL coach, WR coach and RB coach there are bound to be issues.......


And even with the emphasis on ST play, Frost calls the onside kick....And ultimately costs the game IMO as it was the shoe the entire team was waiting to fall.

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2 minutes ago, man eating mastodon said:

Lane seems to have calmed down a bit, he would be better than the last 2 dorks for sure. Lane or Rhule.

Rhule would KILL to get back to CFB by all accounts.


I Love Lane, I just know how most Husker fans are and they would explode.




Aranda (Who would leave Baylor in a second)


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2 hours ago, knapplc said:


Post of the day?

I think the players do as well.  Did anyone pick up any real sense of sadness or even anger from the players  post game ?   I don’t think it bothers them much.  Probably so used to losing it’s just another day.  

iI didn’t sense much of that out of Frost either. No fear of failure is the team motto.   They’ve failed so much, it can’t possibly bother them much, certainly not scare them.  

Have to say, this may be the day Nebraska football died.   

Sadly, I wish there were some things to blame this loss on specifically.  The reason NW wins and NU loses is simple.   They are simply the better team.  We may be worst team in P5 now.   Just incredible.  I thot Blackshirts would be better!  550 yards of running and passing.  We got tired and they shoved us down the field.  Could not stop them much of the game. 

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12 minutes ago, teachercd said:

Rhule would KILL to get back to CFB by all accounts.


I Love Lane, I just know how most Husker fans are and they would explode.




Aranda (Who would leave Baylor in a second)


Urban would bring a lot of hype to Lincoln for sure. I'd want him just for the ensuing craziness. 

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53 minutes ago, Undone said:

Thompson is the perfect QB for Whipple's system. Our run/pass ratio today was 42% run / 58% pass. I have a feeling that a lot of fans will be especially pissed off if that continues and we also struggle because so many 'sker fans just still want to see smashmouth running being what moves the chains. It's pretty clear that Whipple doesn't do that.


But I don't think it matters, and again Thompson is the best possible guy we could have gotten to run what Whipple wants to do. Whether what he wants to do wins a bunch of games is the question.


Grant ran hard in the red zone.


Coaching lost the game. Seriously, imagine that...imagine coaching losing this game in the "do-or-die" scenario of this season and in year 5.


I'm going to bet that the offense has kicked the defense's a$$ in fall camp and Frost thought "I just don't trust them to hold this lead." I think that was a completely stupid approach and it's another one in the 'special teams losing the game' column for me (even though it was a coaching decision). Scott just can't get it right no matter how hard he tries. He doesn't understand how to play football in the conference he's in.


Interesting how Frost views "let it rip."  Up 11 for the 2nd time in the game...onside kick.  Zero confidence in the D keeping a good field and giving the O a chance to go up 18.  



We have a new rip now.  Frost's job.  R.I.P.


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Being at the game I'd say Northwestern is surprisingly good this year. Fitz is probably going to have a good team like he does every 3 to 4 years.


Wtf was the onsides kick call all about? Even the Irish fans knew that was f#&%ed.


Casey is going to be fun to watch.


We should have focused on the OL in the portal like we all said.


Where the hell was the edge rush?????


Irish fans actually love American football and know a fair bit about it. Not so much college, but they know their NFL.

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50 minutes ago, Hammerhead said:


Before his disaster of a season with the Jaguars, I'd have been thrilled with bringing in Urban Meyer, but after that, not so much.  It's not necessarily for moral reasons, but more for "recruits probably don't want to commit to a school where the head coach might repeatedly kick them" reasons.


Morale > Morals


I'm kidding.





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You need to be in spring ball if you intend to have an impact.


The first rule of 1st half 2 minute is do no harm


If you're going to on-side up 11 against an impotent team, the kicker better kick it wider to the gap, or you'll look really stupid.  


Frost still has no urgency to win.  How many backs up were on defense on Northwestern's scoring drive when Nebraska was up 14-3?  How many on offense with 12 minutes to go in the game up 4?  It's week zero.  That's what the FCS games are for.  


Play conservative field position football, don't beat yourself, wait for NU to implode is a winning recipe for bad teams.   



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QB - loved the deep throws early and improvising. CT gave us life early and a chance to settle in. Really wish we would’ve gave him some PA boots or slip screens to get his confidence back in the second half. 

RB - wasn’t mad at any body who played especially grant he ran hard when a lot wasn’t opened up for him. Wish we would’ve attacked to edges more to keep them off balance. 

WR/TE - Palmer/IGC/Vokolek fought hard almost every rep. It was a couple 50/50 balls I wish Palmer would’ve come up with but for 3 guys stepping into new roles they gave us all they had. #49 gave my the typical “try hard frost guy” vibes he probably has been a good camp and culture guy but with those cement shoes on I hope we don’t have to give him another target all year. Wasn’t mad at what belt brought to the table but rotating the WRs in a close conference game in the 2nd half makes no sense. 

Oline - they gave up a lot less pressure than usual but it’s really a group of heavy footed statues probably why we didn’t waste time trying to attack the edge much. 

Dline - can’t even find too many positives. 82 another try hard that shouldn’t see the field. 

LBs - I hoped their experience would carry us a bit and stabilize us on D but it makes no sense to see them out of place and not being able to make tackles in space. 

Nickel - I understand jojo being a hybrid allowed us to play him at the position but we need a db here. Gifford looked better than #31 but who wouldn’t have. We were slow to cover the out routes and too far away to help in the run game. NW had a two way advantage here all day. We need more athletes on the field. 

DB - besides the coverage bust for TD it wasn’t too much that got exposed we’ll learn more from this group as the season goes but almost every player made some good stops can’t be made at that. 

Buschini went toe to toe with a dude who had a straight up day so S/O to him for being a rock today 

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