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why is the defense so bad now?

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It’s really pretty simple. We weren’t that good last year. Yes we kept the scoring down as our opponents had as bad of luck in the red zone as we did. (They had more missed field goals as we did). But the truth of the matter is we were ranked 42nd in total defense last. We couldn’t get off the field last year. 

Now add to that the loss of some super seniors and it all becomes too realistic. The fact that we focused so much on replacing most of our offensive staff when we were ranked 20th in total offense should be a little head scratcher. 

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Maybe the whole team is bad and each side, after playing against bad for 6 months, and finding some success, might hype you up to thinking there's something special coming...


Last year, we had multiple scenarios the D, our relative strength that year, had to get a stop.  They just couldn't.  And the times they did (MSU) the offense and ST thanked them by laying eggs.


Frost has had enough time, and with different talent, to show us all we need to know.  Chin is a leopard who can't change his spots.  He also just isn't great at this level.  


You're going to have difficulty changing my mind.  



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5 minutes ago, skers83 said:

Gregory, Suh, I'm not sure players with that talent would help much right now. Would they just get lost like it seems almost everyone that comes here does? I think it all goes back to the coaching, scheming, lack of development. 

I'd be curious on Wynn's takes with this team.  He came from the premier program in the country.  Culture, chemistry, talent of the position coaches.  I'd buy him a very nice meal to pick his mind on the dichotomy he sees between the two programs on those fronts.

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1 hour ago, chamrocck said:

I’m calling out Dawson. Why has this dude been safe? The DL sucks. No pass rush. Mathis who?  DLine got mauled today by mediocre NW.

Mathis was second in total tackles today. Maybe not a lot of tackles were made, but he was still second.  

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