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Who should our next HC be?

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8 hours ago, Touchdown Tommie said:

Sometimes when I read the comments about Campbell I go back to Riley....the comments about him being able to use what he has at ISU and what he could do at a place like Nebraska. It makes me cringe because that is the same rhetoric used when Riley was hired. 


When I hear people talking Urban Meyer, it reminds me of when Frank was fired and people were going crazy about some rumor that Bill Parcels was a possibility.  Lit up the message boards. 

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19 hours ago, ColoradoHusk said:

Really? What happened in the 90s under TO? I never knew anything bad happened then. 


Ever hear of a guy named Lawrence Phillips?  Star RB.  Climbed through a window and dragged a girl by her hair from the third story to the parking lot.

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31 minutes ago, Red Five said:


Matt Campbell, Lance Leipold, Mark Stoops, Dave Aranda, Luke Fickell, Matt Ruhle, and Jamie Chadwell are going to lose games this year.


But do you know who is going to go undefeated in 2022?  Urban Meyer

Crunching the numbers.. this guy hasn’t lost a college game in four years?? Maybe we should give him a look??? 

just my two cents

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Not sure who i want as the new head coach but i know it’s not bill obrien. He told the psu kids to stick around, was gonna rebuild the program…then acted like he had no idea sanctions were coming after the sandusky scandal, and left those kids high and dry. So much for obrien’s lions

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