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Who should our next HC be?

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12 minutes ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

if that were the case, none of the guys who are supposedly our top targets would even be getting a second glance, because none of them are elite or even good recruiters. 


I suppose I'll add a third component that maybe deserves to be placed at #2:


2. Success in the W/L column relative to actual recruiting rankings, nationally.


Maybe you'll say I've moved the goal posts...but I'm going to say Campbell is doing really good in that department. Like, maybe even better than Ferentz.


But of course, we've had coaches underperform relative to recruiting.

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2 hours ago, TonkaSker said:


You guys love throwing these massive assumptions out there with zero comps. This has never happened. Nobody has ever had a transfer class comprised of 40 blue chip prospects. None of this has any basis in reality.


Lol I understand but what I am saying is that this will be a massive overhaul by the next HC. I am not saying Nebraska is bringing ten 5 stars with Urban in the first class, but I certainly could see 2-3 (HS & Transfer), and the rest being mostly 4 stars. His staff would consist of top notch dudes currently coaching right now, who would bring their guys over. Add the transfer portal, and he will bring in 10 highly rated guys easily. Before you know it, the number doesn't seem so far fetched.


We are talking about Urban freaking Meyer, the man who changed the trajectory of the entire BIG conference by the way he recruited. Maybe that number is a bit wishful thinking but Nebraska lands in the top 10 if they hire him. I would guarantee it. 


And I would also guarantee 10-15 guys leaving the team next year who will have eligibility in 2023.

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22 hours ago, VectorVictor said:

Dunno why the hate for Bill Obrien. He does a great job with our salt-water aquarium. 

I saw a poll on Twitter today. 87% of Alabama fans are begging Nebraska, or some else to hire him. This dude has a boring style of football. He’s also very rich. Not sure what his motivation would be. I’d take almost anyone else. His upside is 8-4 at best. No thanks. I can’t stand the guy. 

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11 minutes ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

I’ll use that snake oil to polish the Big 10 championship trophy. Put me down for a gallon 

Right I understand he has made mistakes but so have alot of others. We all understand the article but we also understand whoever hires him that makes that program instantly better. If we don't take him someone else will and watch how far he goes. I don't think he struggles wherever he goes. I also understand he is going to say certain things like I like spending time with my grandkids and like my current position where Im at but how many times have you heard that before???

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My top 5 +1


1. Dave Aranda

I can’t say it enough how much I’d love to have Aranda.  Checks all boxes needed for what we want.  Has p5 coaching experience in Multiple power 5 conferences.  Proven program builder.  Strong defensive mind.  Maybe he comes to greener pastures into the big10?  Big buyout though. :mellow:

2. Jim Leonhard

Young coach with multiple years of Big10 coaching experience.  Boasts a solid defensive mind.  Potentially brings superstar status with a bright future.  He bring back intensity on the defensive side.  Could be the surprise home run hire.  I don’t think he would walk away from a 5 million a year deal?  Lacks head coaching experience however?

3. Lance Leipold

Has won multiple titles at the D3 levels.  Older coach, but had a fun offense to watch.  Brings a unique element with a high potential upside.  Curious how the rest of the season goes for Kansas tbh.  Would be excited about the hire.

4. Mickey Joseph

Hope it works out for Mickey in some capacity.  I love his demeanor and energy.  He loves Nebraska and will fight with everything for this program.  I feel like he hires the right people for the job and would do what it takes to get us on the right track, but what’s his ceiling?  Great recruiter!

5. Matt Campbell

I feel like somehow we end up with Matt.  I feel like this is the type of hire that falls in the category of settling.  I just feel like we average 7 wins a season during his tenure. Probably get a few surprise top 25 wins, beat Iowa every few years.


+1 Jamey Chadwell

Exciting unique offense/ not sure how well that translates into BIG10.  Inexperience at p5 level.  Who does he bring as assistants?

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11 minutes ago, TherealTomOsborne said:

My top 5 +1


1. Dave Aranda - Yes


2. Jim Leonhard - May turn out to be great but I have a hard time believing Trev will hire someone without a proven track record as HC. Bigger risk.


3. Lance Leipold - Yes. If he can turn KU around I'd like to see what he could do here.


4. Mickey Joseph - Like Micky but a very long shot IMHO. He will really need to knock it out of the park the next 8 games. Would love to see him stay on if he doesn't get it.


5. Matt Campbell - Could do worse but I think there are better choices we could offer, but will they accept?


+1 Jamey Chadwell - Intriguing to me. Bigger risk with no P5 background. Think Trev will look to someone more established but Chadwell would be interesting.

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