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Who should our next HC be?

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3 hours ago, SECHusker said:


Dude did what Matt Campbell has done in the SEC WEST. In his first two seasons at UF he 10 and 11 games respectively. And has given SABAN a run for his money everytime they played when he was HC at Florida. He gave Burrow's LSU a run for the money. He has played Kirby tough. He was 34-15 at Florida. Not too shabby.


He has recruiting ties to the south. Give him decent recruiting coaches, ala our RB and WR coach, along with poaching Arky's o-line coach and a good DC, and he can make waves.


Really believe if he is our guy and our talent on Offense stays another year, we'll be in Indy next year.


Edit: And for everyone that wants Urbs, Mullen was the OC when Urbs win the natties at UF. Dude can win with a pocket passer or running qb.

We already had a coach that gave good coaches a run for their money.  We need a coach to take their lunch money. 

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8 minutes ago, Cornbred said:

Frost went 13-0 and beat Auburn in a bowl game at UFC. Comparable, NU can do better.


Maybe.   I was just answering your question.  I wouldn't call them comparable because Campbell has never ran a power 5 program into the ground.  He runs a relatively successful power 5 program.


Not that I'm a Matt Campbell guy.  He'd be a safe, middle of the road hire.

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45 minutes ago, chamrocck said:

Campbell is obviously on the list but my concern would he be able to draw recruits nationally. 

Please no his name doesn't carry enough weight to consistently put Nebraska in the top tier teams every year or let alone the west division. Maybe have a good year then a ok year but I don't see him being a consistent winner.

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