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Who should our next HC be?

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I won’t be surprised to see Fisher, MJ, Busch, Beckton.  Possibly Dawson and Ruud.   Applewhite.   I did say ‘guessing’.  None are a sure thing but it’s a possibility imo.   

Rhule is an O line guy so Raiola may not be as high on the list as he will have his favorites presumably.  Again, just guessing.  He will almost certainly have his own DC and OC.  Those guys will have a say too.  

Those I listed are the better ones on the staff imo.  Not every perfect guy may be available to start with. He may hire replacements in the spring / summer - later.  

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45 minutes ago, lo country said:

As long as he doesn't wear that sleeveless vest thing that has appeared to follow him at every stop....


The technical term of that garment is a "smock".


And I have on good information that he has negotiated into his contract that Adidas is required to make Nebraska ones in red, white, grey, and black.

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The Story of the Smock: Matt Rhule’s unique sideline fashion statement




“Oh, it’s unbelievably comfortable to wear,” he said. “If it ever starts raining, it has a hood. And I’ve got tremendous movement in my arms. And it’s got zippers on the side. If you ever need more room, if you’ve had too much for Thanksgiving, you can just open up the zipper.”


So why does he wear it? The story behind the vest goes back to Baylor’s August practices. Throughout preseason camp, Rhule wore either a Bill Belichick-style cutoff hoodie or the team-issued hooded vest pretty much every day. He’s a believer in decision fatigue and prefers to keep it simple with his clothing choices. Before the season started, the head coach had a message for this team: Go play just like you do in practices.


“I think that was a step we had to take,” he said. “We were a really good team out here at practice. We weren’t always a good team on game day.”


And so he donned the gray vest for the season opener as a symbolic gesture, one intended to show his players he meant what he said. For a guy as superstitious as Rhule, this was no small change. He wore the same black short-sleeve cage jacket for his first two seasons at Baylor. He had gone with that look ever since 2015, when his Temple team upset Penn State in the season opener. “In 2015, I went beard and I went black cage jacket and we won 10 games,” he said. Rhule calls himself a creature of habit, and he’s loyal to those habits.


So when Baylor won its first nine games of 2019, he had no choice but to stay loyal to his gray vest. When he first put it on, he admits he had no idea what he was supposed to wear underneath it. One of Baylor’s younger coaches suggested the white tee. After four games, he switched to a green undershirt, figuring it might look better to match the vest’s green hood. And ever since then, he’s donned the exact same look week after week. Because you don’t mess with a streak.




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2 minutes ago, RedDenver said:

We're transitioning from crazy name speculation to complaining about the possible hire. Seems about right 2 weeks from the last game.


I have it on good authority that it's gong to be Kyle Whittingham. 


Let's get that rumor going.  Does Trev read in here?  Hey, Trev.  TREV! 

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