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Who should our next HC be?

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1 hour ago, huskerpower22 said:

I appreciate your love for Busch and I appreciate what he doing in a bad situation but coach of the year? We are tied for 98th in the country in scoring defense right next to Colorado St and Eastern Michigan





Fair enough but Busch really has very, very little to work with. Especially considering our offensive staff seems hellbent on giving him as little help as possible, and just expecting the defense to be able to handle 100 snaps per game.

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35 minutes ago, HuskerNation1 said:


Or maybe this was a trip to see if the wife was ok moving to Nebraska. After all they have kids and family fit should be an important part of any new job decision involving relocation.


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9 minutes ago, chamrocck said:

Did maybe the UVA tragedy put the brakes on our announcement?

Why would it?  Is there a VA coach in consideration?  Honestly can't keep track.   And sadly, we can't wait just cuz there's been a campus shooting, there will always be another one.  If we were to postpone life cuz of college or high school shootings we'd never name a coach.

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