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Who should our next HC be?

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8 minutes ago, talaricohusker said:

Can’t get enough of this guy :rollin


He is ridiculous right? He has mentioned every candidate in the book so he can go back and claim he was the one who told you so. A week ago he said Stoops was out lol. Always second hand message board information unless he is pumping his Mickey Joseph agenda. :flush

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8 minutes ago, junior4949 said:


I can agree with most of this except the bolded.  I'm sure Frost has figured it out that it's really difficult to recruit to the midwest.  He'll stay a lot closer to a recruiting hotbed.  I could see him somewhere like Miami.  


USF would be perfect for him IMO but a Miami would be something he could move onto after a few years.

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16 minutes ago, funhusker said:



Which is why it won't surprise me to see Frost get humbled a bit and go to a school like USF and end up having a really good career and getting back to a Power 5 team.  How sucky is it going to be when he ends up coaching at Iowa in 10 years and doing a good job?  Gross!

Won't matter. By year 3 we will be kicking their's!  We can just add more losses to his resume.

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6 minutes ago, Jeremy said:

A few things Mickey's wife has put on twitter recently leads me to believe it won't be Mickey. She's cryptic to be sure, but it's obvious she isn't happy about something that's happened in the last couple days.


As well she shouldn't be, but she's also got to realize the writing's on the wall. 

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