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Who should our next HC be?

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8 minutes ago, talaricohusker said:

My buddy has a picture of Rhule in Lincoln yesterday he’s going to send it to me tomorrow so there’s that 


Will this be posted on your wife's Facebook? 



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1 minute ago, McGuillotine said:

Why wouldn't he send it to you today?

He’s a old guy and doesn’t really know how to send pictures on a Samsung smart phone 

Just now, GSG said:


Will this be posted on your wife's Facebook? 



You a$$h@!e! Lol just kidding no it’s not from my wife’s FB 

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15 hours ago, Hilltop said:


I don't agree with the analogy...  those first few weeks being single were some of the best.


That said,  I think Trev likely had strong interest in a coach or coaches but there really is no way to have one "lined up" in this industry. 

No matter how hot she looks, somebody else is already sick of her s#!t.  :)  (wisdom)


Ok well I concur that maybe he did not have anyone lined up.  That is very plausible.  But, Rhule was not on the radar and will now save the day, if he agrees to it.  That is not deep research, that is just luck covering up the possible egg on your face.


I think as the weeks dragged on with the search, many candidates started to back out and realized they have it pretty good. 


Except for Bill O'Brien (desperately wanting to be a HC) and Rhule (unemployed but getting paid by Carolina).


No offense to whoever the next Joe Schmo is that takes the big money gig at Nebraska.  I am quite sure it will be a grand introduction, with warm fuzzies, and lots of hype write-ups by the media.  


But will the next Joe live up to the billing???  #6-8 wins  #payout

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1 hour ago, Skerbaby said:

Texas boosters think Patterson has a deal in place but thats speculation from rumors they have heard down there. 


Oh really? It sounds to me more like he just got the "thanks, but we've decided to move forward with another candidate" message.


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I honestly think there is close to a 0% chance that Trev hires either Patterson or Monken.  I think their agents are just doing a good job of floating their names to drum up interest in them at other places.  (If Nebraska wants them, maybe program X should too...)  And in the absence of leaks coming from Trev, those 2 names have have filled the vacuum.


Patterson was ran out of TCU because he hates NIL and the Portal.  Monken is at a place where he has never had to recruit or deal with NIL/Portal (and you can't sell a guy who goes 4-8 this year) .



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