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Who should our next HC be?

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1 hour ago, Red Silk Smoking Jacket said:

So if her husband had to mansplain who it was, then he saw him too? And if so, why not just say my brother in law saw him? Sorry but your story has a lot of holes in it.

Because that isn't his brother in law.


And saying "my sister-in-law's husband" sounds a lot like "my neighbor's co-worker's 2nd cousin's daughter's boyfriend."

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40 minutes ago, The Murphinator said:

Yeah. Everybody is just guessing what is happening. Trev has done a good job of keeping it tight lipped. Will be interesting to see who it does end up being



Really hope it's a big name out of left field. He does seem to know what he's doing which makes these leaks seem off. 

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We all are suffering a bit of fatigue from the coach search because the fans still care about this program. Despite year after year of bad results and with the program on its worst six year stretch in history, the fans are hanging tough, in part because of the hope this search creates. No matter who the coach is, the next nine months are going to be nerve racking as we wait to see what it means. If the new coach fails, the hope created by the search and hire vanish. And, at that point, a ton of us will stop paying attention. We'll care but we won't spend hours on message boards about it anymore. And eventually, we will care less and less until it won't matter at all. I have always loved this team, but like everyone here, I am fatigued from all the bad with no hope of good. And it has been hard to get fired up about games. This week with Wisky. I mean, most of us are thinking loss and realizing that a win just gets us to four wins. It's hard to care about four wins or even five.


In the end, maybe we should not wish this search away. It's the hope we need. And as soon as it is gone, the clock starts ticking to the day where we find out whether or not it was fool's gold.

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We can talk for another 10 pages on how us fans don't like the process - we aren't given insider info, we aren't consulted, and we don't like the quiet, AND the longggg wait which is driving us BAT CRAZY:madash        The only good about this talking is - after 10 pages we will be over 600 Pages!!

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