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Who should our next HC be?

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14 minutes ago, GSG said:


On the podcast I posted earlier, they seem to think they're going to stick with Leonard

Sounds like it’s probably his, but I wouldn’t want to lose to both NU and Minny to end the season.  Finishing 5-7 (he’s be 3-4) might make it tough to keep him.


Leipold would be the fallback option I’d assume.

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19 minutes ago, talaricohusker said:

I just don’t understand the end game here that Trev is trying to play here……. Like there is literally no point in waiting we all know it’s not Mickey so why drag this damn thing out 

Take a deep breath.


If it’s a current sitting head coach he’s not being name until that coach is done with his regular season.

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1 minute ago, ColoradoHusk said:

Chill the eff out dude.

I would also add that regardless of it not being MJ, the fact that he held this team together in what the media pundits called one of the worst situations, he deserves to finish it out without it being public that he is not the guy. Not announcing anything does not change a thing except appeases people like us.

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6 minutes ago, HuskerNation1 said:


I am not buying or selling on this...just sharing what I am seeing online.

I wasn't ranting at you. I appreciate the post, just quoted it for reference for my argument.  It's like arguing outloud with other people versus all alone, which just makes you crazy. :lol:

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