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Who should our next HC be?

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2 hours ago, talaricohusker said:

I just don’t understand the end game here that Trev is trying to play here……. Like there is literally no point in waiting we all know it’s not Mickey so why drag this damn thing out 

I think he wants you to beg. And maybe dress in leather chaps and really ask for it. 

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19 minutes ago, Bad2theBONES said:

I believe Trev has been telling separate individuals within his athletic department some specific pieces of inaccurate information to see if it spreads as rumor. Finding out who the leakers are. There has been issues within for quite some time and he is straightening that up as well. I have faith in him.

After watching that Nebraska Radio Network interview, he definitely looks like he’s happy with himself

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10 minutes ago, bisonwiches said:

Ok… I’ll bite, are we going to be happy?

All fun aside as we continue to await things, I hope so but have my doubts at the same time. I listened to Alberts on Husker Radio last night. I knew he wasn’t going to say anything of note and he didn’t.  He is, as they say, “corporate smooth.”


My sense of things tells me there is no way Urban Meyer is the guy as he seems to have a pretty good gig at present. Nor is Deion Sanders. Matt Campbell’s star has faded this season yet he still may get the call. Dave Aranda was interesting at one time also.


Lane Kiffin would be great but I don’t know if he would want to inherit the mess he may observe. I have no idea about Gary Patterson. Matt Rhule  can spend his days figuring various ways to invest his millions. Why come here?  Lance Leipold knows Nebraska and may very well want to get out of a shaky Big XII Conference. I would prefer Chris Klieman of Kansas State, to be honest. 

No one named Stoops is coming. Luke Fickell, from a distance, seems locked in Ohio. Again, why come here?





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3 hours ago, talaricohusker said:

I just don’t understand the end game here that Trev is trying to play here……. Like there is literally no point in waiting we all know it’s not Mickey so why drag this damn thing out 


There's a few different explanations for a delay. It could be a combination of things. 


Let's say you're the coach. Your players mean everything to you. You don't want the team distracted. You've asked Trev that you'd like to delay the announcement until the last week or, the conclusion of the season to avoid anything that hinders the success of your team. There's a discussion and Trev agrees out of respect to your organization and is grateful for you soon to be coming on board. 


He simply might not have an answer. Candidates considering might want to wait until around the end of the season to make their decision or to finalize.  Time is extended to them as a courtesy if you deem it in your interest. The field has been narrowed down for consideration and Trev ultimately has yet to make a final selection from that pool that's been identified. 


Trev has his guy or soon will have though he wants to avoid anything that compromises the success of our team. With that he wants to give Joseph the balance of the season to serve as interim. Or, at the very least prolong the announcement as long as possible.


One could argue too that an earlier decision, if possible, might have it's advantages. The main one would be in relation to recruiting. Perhaps an announcement provides you with some publicity in season at your last game. Maybe offers some additional momentum (?)  Personally I can see the team playing harder for Mickey if they knew it was his last as interim head coach and it not be be much if any more of a distraction. Likewise with the incoming coach. His team plays hard with an intensified focus for him to go out with a win.


Again, that just might not be possible due to candidate selection considerations.  And, those inside the two programs are in a better position to gauge the advantages and disadvantages. It could be a request/agreement. Or, the candidate has not yet been identified and Trev's putting the final pieces together. Negotiations could be ongoing or they're finalizing some things. 


Anyway, I'd say that Trev wants the process to be at fruition about as much as us. At the same time the phases have to work their way through. There's relationships and a great number of pieces involved. All we can do is wait, speculate and hope for the best. 


It's been a long search. Our experiences over the last many years have tested our patience. We want answers. Day after day they're aren't any yet. But, there will be and, hopefully we secure a good coach to lead our football program. 

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3 hours ago, HuskerNation1 said:


Whittingham? A Mormon who has been at Utah since before Tom Osborne's first National Championship? Did you seriously just suggest him as a candidate, Sam?



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