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Who should our next HC be?

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On 9/5/2022 at 5:39 AM, teachercd said:

Firing him in season doesn't seem to accomplish much.

Appointing Mickey as some sort of auditioning coach doesn't seem to accomplish much either.


It will all play out and NU will be fine.  Once the right coach is hired, no matter how many times it takes, NU will be fine.

Disagree. Why the heck would you kill another season when the results did the talking? This was the right, methodical thing to do. Why wouldn't you give a promising, up-and-coming alum a shot. It literally could not get any worse. 

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58 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:


Give me Joseph (if Nebraska performs well) with a big time hire at DC and Suh as the defensive line coach. Before I hear, " just because he was a great player doesn't mean he is a great coach." Nothing is worse than what our interior lineman are doing right now. Between them and the MLBs running into blocks it amazes me how bad that defense truly is. Note: I don't think Suh is ready to coach but he is a really smart guy and you would think interior lineman would want to play for him. 

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