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Who should our next HC be?

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10 minutes ago, Crusader Husker said:


Great find.  It sounds like he is really eager to get back to coaching.  Perhaps this was said due to many articles speculating he did not need to coach again due to his large salary from Carolina.  Hearing this interview makes me excited about Rhule and having a guy that LOVES the game.

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8 minutes ago, B.B. Hemingway said:

Trev must really not want to win that introductory press conference. That just feels like an awful hire, if it happens.

I hadn't thought about Mendenhall during this process, but I actually think he could be a solid hire.  He had very good years at BYU in the Mountain West, and had good years at Virginia, after they had 4 straight losing seasons under their previous coach.  Judging by his 2020 and 2021 record, Mendenhall wasn't able to maintain the good seasons during/after COVID.

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