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Who should our next HC be?

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2 hours ago, LumberJackSker said:

Man some of you guys are weird. You made excuse after excuse for frost for 4+ years and kept telling fans how great he was and how close he was and how impressive 3-9 was. Now nebraska might be looking at coaches like Campbell and Doeren coaches that could coach circle around your golden boy and they're not good enough?

The bar being set low is not a reason to hire a mediocre coach. 

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1 hour ago, huskerfan99 said:

I think that Mark Stoops needs to be a top 3 candidate for sure. He would bring back that blue collar smash mouth mentality back that we so badly need.


What he’s done at Kentucky is damn impressive. Way more so than Campbell IMO. Plus he actually beats rated teams unlike Campbell. 

My brother and I were just talking about this very thing. He has made Kentucky very respectable in a short time   Maybe he gets his more famous older brother involved 

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Just now, ColoradoHusk said:

I don’t disagree but who are the realistic “elite” candidates?

I keep losing my response to you on our conversation so here goes 


My definition of elite is if I have heard of them AND they don’t coach in a state that boarders Nebraska 

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But why is Nebraska a destination call ??


If you are in Minnesota, a Head Coach winning 7 games isn't too bad.  Fleck has won 9 a few times.  There is also a pro football, basketball and baseball team there.  And amazing college hockey.  It is spread out, so you do not feel the pressure as much.


If you are in Utah, there are 3 college teams, and a pro basketball team.  Why wouldn't you keep your job there?


What else is there, compatible to Nebraska, for a destination?  Iowa?  Perhaps, but they have a few college teams doing okay, and getting the resources to stay put.


I mean, in Nebraska, it is unique and all by itself.  It does have Creighton basketball and baseball, but yall hate them to death.


Why is answering a phone call from Trev Alberts (or from any 3rd party representative of Nebraska) a great phone call to answer?  


What year is this?  All coaches make loads of money, are happy and can be good enough where they are at.  Maybe Mike Leach would answer, but I doubt he would be too interested.  


I suppose a former HC that is now an assistant OC or DC would run with it.  Might be all we can get.  G5 coach for sure.  Because we are a 7-8 win destination.  And nobody in Nebraska is happy enough to deal with that.  And head coaches that see the door from Nebraska (geting fired) have not rebounded very well.


The coaches yall list and think that they might jump ship to Nebraska is the same thing as touching a hot stove again.  You will never learn.





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6 minutes ago, TheSker said:

We don't have "elite" money or facilities....or geography.

Then you don't or haven't been following Nebraska football. We have elite money and we have a new 155 million dollar facility being built right now that will show recruits that we want the very best for them and that we are serious about winning here. Nebraska just hasn't choosing to go get great coaches in the past to compete with other programs and that's why we have sucked.

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1 hour ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

Maintain high standards, stick to those standards, strive for those standards, and refuse to settle for less than those standards. When you start lowering your standards is when things start going to s#!t. 



Sorry, this makes no sense. You have it literally backwards.


The standards lessened after things went to s#!t, not before. You've got the cause and effect completely wrong.


Solich goes .500 then barely rebounds and recruiting is tanking. Then Pedersen says 'I won't let this program slip into mediocrity', his "stick to those standards" made us worse.


Pelini is further from a conference championship in year seven than he was in year one. Then Eichorst says 'I had to look at where Iowa was as a program' and made us worse.


Our standards were not "I hope we can get to .500" when Frost was hired. That came after things went to s#!t.

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