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Who should our next HC be?

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1 hour ago, Red Five said:

New Split Zone Duo with Stephen Godfrey (who is as connected as anyone for coaching stuff)


Hearing the narrowed list is Doeren, Fickell (!!!!!!), Leipold

If he had to guess Leipold will be in Lawrence next year with a hefty, hefty raise

Search is "hilariously close to the vest"

We will figure out soon if Trev is the smartest person in the room

Search firm is just doing logistics, Trev is making all the decisions

Compares to USC last year with no one knowing anything until the very end, feels like Nebraska could be very similar with a name out of nowhere

Out - Patterson, Monken

Late to the game names: Klieman (not being actively pursued in their opinion) and Bronco

Scratch off Rhule, not happening



Fickell is the only name worth it especially  Rhule is out and Klieman isn’t being pursued. Trev is a massive failure and I’m not shocked.

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11 minutes ago, Ziebol said:

Fickell is the only name worth it especially  Rhule is out and Klieman isn’t being pursued. Trev is a massive failure and I’m not shocked.

I would not say that Trev is a failure.  I would say that the interest in Nebraska Football is a failure.  The BIg 10 move,  the fact we don't have a natural rival anymore, and we have no recruiting grounds established is the failure.  Money apparently can't bring in that big name we all desire.  Trev is finding out most likely that this job is not that appealing, just like Pedersen, Osborne, and Eichorst found out before him.  This is all if we don't end up with a big name.  I wouldn't complain about Leipold or Klieman, or Fickell.  I would say that Trev is a fine job if we get those guys, whomever it is

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The only way I would view this a failure is if we end up with some coordinator from Bama or like school.  That would tell me that we actually are not relevant in the college football hierarchy.  To think that we are causing a few sitting coaches to get extended contracts already is a head scratching sight.  Fact is with the ever changing landscape, teams moving from one conference to another, no one knows what is coming in the future.  Heck, being at a school like Kansas might pay huge dividends.......Washington Huskies..........Kentucky..............you never know what is coming around the corner.  I think if you have a current P5 job, it might be worth staying put if your having some success. 

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