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Who should our next HC be?

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Just now, Red Five said:

Supposedly this extension has been sitting on his desk for a few weeks.  Lance agreeing now makes me think we got our guy.


I'd heard that there was an extension he hadn't signed. Could very well be an indication that Trev has a coach secured. 

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1 minute ago, BoSolich said:

i feel like it will be rhule or some backup option. and i dont think the backup option is mickey. guessing backup option is campbell.  


Please not Campbell. 

1 minute ago, runningblind said:

Or that the actual job he wanted, Wisconsin, is taken now by Leonard.


Good point. 

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Well who has not gotten an extension lately-


Aranda- under contract till 2029???


BoB- i don't think assistants get extensions

Rhule- just the opposite

Fickel- not sure

Klieman- got an automatic year added by winning 8 games


Dan Lanning- just my darkhorse.


it's getting good now.



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